Class 12 Compulsory English Notes

Class 12 English Notes 2078: All Chapters | New Curriculum | Summary and Textbook Solutions | Class 12 English Guide Book

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NEB Plus 2 Notes provides comprehensive study material for the Class 12th English syllabus. It follows the newly prescribed syllabus of NEB and supports the students in revising the texts completely. It covers the solutions to the English books prescribed by the NEB, which are, First Flight and Footprints without Feet. These solutions are prepared by our experienced experts and strictly follow the NEB guidelines.

​English textbook for grade 12 has been prepared following the spirit of NCF 2076 and Secondary Level Curriculum 2076 (Grade 11 and Grade12). The book has two sections: language development and literature. The language development section includes a range of contemporary issue-based local and global thematic texts intended to develop intensive reading skills and foster competence in grammar, vocabulary, speech and writing of different types. The literature section includes genre-based literary texts for both intensive and extensive reading so as to enable the learners to discern different aspects of the literary texts and practise creative writing.
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Class 12 English Notes
Class 12 English Guide
Here all the exercises are solved and explained and sorted in chapter-wise format. Click on any chapter name, to get complete exercise solution with summary.

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Section I : Language Development

Unit Title Link
1 Critical Thinking Exercise
2 Family Exercise
3 Sports Exercise
4 Technology Exercise
5 Education Exercise
6 Money and Economy Exercise
7 Humour Exercise
8 Human Culture Exercise
9 Ecology and Environment Exercise
10 Career Opportunities Exercise
11 Hobbies Exercise
12 Animal World Exercise
13 History Exercise
14 Human Rights Exercise
15 Leisure and Entertainment Exercise
16 Fantasy Exercise
17 War and Peace Exercise
18 Music and Creation Exercise
19 Migration and Diaspora Exercise
20 Power and Politics Exercise

Section II : Literature

Short Stories

Chapter Title Link
1 Neighbours Exercise
2 A Respectable Woman Exercise
3 A Devoted Son Exercise
4 The Treasure in the Forest Exercise
5 My Old Home Exercise
6 The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun Exercise
7 A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Exercise


Chapter Title Link
1 A Day Exercise
2 Every Morning I Wake Exercise
3 I Was My Own Route Exercise
4 The Awakening Age Exercise
5 Soft Storm Exercise


Chapter Title Link
1 On Libraries Exercise
2 Marriage as a Social Institution Exercise
3 Knowledge and Wisdom Exercise
4 Humility Exercise
5 Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Exercise

One Act Plays

Chapter Title Link
1 A Matter of Husbands Exercise
2 Facing Death Exercise
3 The Bull Exercise
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