Class 11 Compulsory Nepali Notes

Class 11 Nepali Notes 2078: All Chapters | New Curriculum | Summary and Textbook Solutions | Class 11 Nepali Guide Book

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Nepali is a part of the NEB curriculum that holds great importance as it is a compulsory subject that every student should read. NEB Plus 2 Notes provides comprehensive study material for the Class 11th Nepali syllabus. It follows the newly prescribed syllabus of NEB and supports the students in revising the texts completely. It covers the solutions to the Nepali books prescribed by the NEB, which are, First Flight and Footprints without Feet. These solutions are prepared by our experienced experts and strictly follow the NEB guidelines.

​Education seeks knowledge in students and establishes a connection between learning and real life. Education using modern knowledge, skills, information and communication technology, practicing self-reliant and business oriented skills, nation. Citizens should be prepared to respect nationality and national ideals, to adopt a society-acceptable conduct and work culture, and to have a tolerant attitude. In view of these aspects, this textbook has been developed based on the spirit of NCF 2076 and Secondary Level Curriculum 2076 (Grade 11 and Grade12).
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Class 11 Nepali Notes
Class 11 Nepali Guide
Here all the exercises are solved and explained and sorted in chapter-wise format. Click on any chapter name, to get complete exercise solution with summary.

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Table of Contents

क्र.स. शीर्षक लिङ्क
वीर पुर्खा (कविता) अव्यास
गाउँको माया (सामाजिक कथा) अव्यास
संस्कृतिको नयाँ यात्रा (आत्मपरक निबन्ध) अव्यास
योगमाया (राष्ट्रिय जीवनी) अव्यास
साथीलाई चिठी (चिठी) अव्यास
त्यो फेरि फर्कला ? (मनोवैज्ञानिक कथा) अव्यास
पर्यापर्यटनका सम्भावना र आयाम (वस्तुपरक निबन्ध) अव्यास
लौ आयो ताजा खबर (लघु नाटक) अव्यास
सफलताको कथा (रिपोर्ताजमूलक रचना) अव्यास
१० कृषिशालामा एक दिन (संवाद) अव्यास
११ रारा भ्रमण (दैनिकी) अव्यास
१२ जलस्रोत र ऊर्जा (वक्तृता) अव्यास
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